The Most Beautiful Bride Holding Flowers Styling

As a bride, the bridal bouquet is a bride’s decoration with a high rate of appearance. It is a perfect symbol of love and a sweet moment. When the groom puts the flowers in the hands of the bride, a happy and romantic marriage is like this. At the beginning, many brides don’t know that in addition to being good-looking, there are different kinds of flowers, and choosing the bride’s bouquet for their wedding will add highlights to the wedding.

The correct grip for holding flowers is that the little finger should be on the same side as the thumb, and the flower should be completely clamped so that the bouquet can be fixed and not shaken. If it is a double-handed bouquet, it should be raised and chested, the shoulders will naturally hang down, and the two hand-held bouquets are placed above the waist bones, which gives a feeling of comfort, confidence and stability. If you put your hand flower on your chest, your shoulders will increase and give you a feeling of tension. When the marriage is married, usually the bridegroom is standing on the right side of the bride, so if you hold the flower with one hand, you should hold the hand flower with your left hand.

The Most Beautiful Bride Holding Flowers Styling #wedding #holdingflowers

If you are using a cute and cute spherical bouquet, you can put it on your left hand as a handbag or on your left wrist. A petite bride is not suitable for a long, too large bouquet, otherwise it will be top-heavy, and it would be more appropriate to choose a round or spherical bouquet.