Cat tattoo Pattern With Mysterious Legend

Cats have always been one of human favorite pets because they are cute, smart and fun animals. Tattoo art draws inspiration from objects and creatures around us. Cat tattoos have long been one of the most popular tattoos in tattoo design. Therefore, for these cat-loving tattooers, this is a very attractive design, which makes the cat one of the important elements in the tattoo art.

Many animals have a unique position in myths and legends, and black cats are also a typical representative. In ancient Egyptian mythology, people worshipped cats very much and even regarded them as gods. The Egyptians built an extremely luxurious temple for the cat to offer its food. Numerous monks and believers respect the cat as a goddess, and rumors that the cat has a very close relationship with the sun god.

In addition to the mysterious legends in Egyptian mythology, cats have different symbolic meanings in other countries. The ancient Romans regarded the cat as a symbol of the goddess Diana and often associated it with women. The domesticated cat at home meant happiness and happiness. In the Nordic tradition, the cat is honored as an extension of the Freyja goddess. So cats are always seen as symbols of women and from these legends.