2019 Cat Eye Nail New Style

The cat’s eye manicure has been very popular last year and is the choice of many little fairy nails. Exquisite and beautiful, there are very high grades. Let’s take a look at the 2019 cat’s eye manicure new style.

First introduced to the ladies is a green cat eye color nail art, the main color is dark green cat eyes, with a smudge, shells, etc. as a color jump nail, very simple and generous nail art ~

The second nail art mantra uses more elements, not only the cat’s eye color, but also a variety of elements such as laser, shell, diamond, etc., but it does not seem too cumbersome, it will feel just good Feeling

The third cat’s eye color manicure is black cat’s eye, with black and white smudged and bright pink solid color nails, not only very white, but also very temperament~

The fourth paragraph is a relatively simple model, the overall use of the blue cat’s eye manicure, with a gray fine flash nail art, there is a simple low-key beauty.

The fifth girl with a very nail art, using red cat’s eye manicure, with shells and other accessories, looks shiny and bright, satisfying the girl’s heart.

The sixth cat eye color nail art is a low-key luxury connotation style, using caramel color cat eye nails, with a small diamond as a jewelry, but also with a gold foil strip transparent armor, it looks very tall!

The dark green cat’s eye manicure is indeed really good, the color fashion atmosphere still looks good and temperament, it is worthy of everyone’s choice.

The deep purple cat’s eye nails are amazing, and the dark and light color matching design makes the whole nail art more visual, and the effect is also great.

The gray-black cat’s eye manicure is really very white, and it looks like a gradual feeling and very atmospheric.

A red cat’s eye manicure that is very suitable for mature women. This color is bright and stunning, giving people a bright feeling.

I have to say that the cat’s eye manicure is stylish and beautiful, there is a feeling of gradual change, and the effect is also fashionable to fly.