Open Kitchen, The Design Of The Bar Is Very Important

Modern decoration people are more and more like the decoration of open kitchens and bar counters, especially the bar, which can be used as a partition between the kitchen and the living room. It is also very pleasant to have a drink at the bar during leisure time, then the kitchen is decorated with a bar. What should I do with the decoration? The open kitchen is designed in one piece with the restaurant, and one bar has many uses.

The design style of the bar decoration is very important. It is best to match the style of the interior space, so as to better integrate into the space. Once the bar is installed, it is generally fixed, so you should choose the location at the beginning.

There are a lot of styles for the bar decoration. The general bar decoration will be set in the corner of the restaurant, which will help the location. In the case of an open kitchen, the bar counter can also be used for empty partitions between the kitchen and the dining room. After determining the approximate location, you need to consider the circuit and drain pipe in the room.