45 chic bathroom ideas

An essential part of the bathroom interior space, the modern shower space continues the perfect combination of art and life. In many cases, the bathroom area is relatively small due to the limitations of the house space. In fact, as long as the scientific and rational design, the bathroom can give people a broad sense of sight and a simple use of sight. How to design and layout a small-sized bathroom in order to make full use of the space, while not too crowded, there are actually a lot of tricks in this.

Today, you can already purchase such a small bathtub, and it is even suitable for smaller spaces. You only need to calculate the space area reasonably, it is more practical and saves space, so that the bathroom looks cleaner. The small-sized bathroom space is not to be wasted. The square basin in the corner serves as the visual center point of the whole bathroom. With the simple and elegant wooden bathroom cabinet, it brightens the brightness of the whole space, which not only saves space, but also creates a kind of space. Clean and visual sense.