36 Vibrant Red Gives Your Live Passion

How to apply color skillfully in soft-fitting design? Nowadays, “light decoration, heavy decoration” is more and more accepted by people. Home is not only the place where people live, but also the place where they enjoy life and show their taste. And the use of soft clothing and color is the core content of interior decoration design. Handling these two aspects is of great significance to the shaping of interior environment.

When it comes to red, what do we think? Excitement, anger, warmth, speed, warning, heat, passion, festivals… Red is a strong color, which can easily attract people’s attention, so many warning, warning words or patterns are expressed in red, such as red lights to stop. Red also indicates danger, anger, blood, reminiscent of fire and war; it can also be a political symbol of revolution; or it can be associated with grand events, such as the red carpet at awards ceremonies. Red also represents love and passion. Valentine’s Day gifts are usually packaged in red boxes or pink. In ancient times, red was associated with demons and Cupid, the God of love.

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Image Source: laurelberninteriors.com