36 Creative and Lovely Children Bedrooms Spark Your Idea

Every child is the heart and soul of parents. In order to make children grow up healthily and happily, parents always try their best to give them the best food and the best use. When decorating, parents also hope to give their children a room full of childlike innocence. Let’s talk about how to decorate a beautiful and practical children’s room. As examples are follow. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

1. The theme children’s room is the children’s personal small world, so when decorating, we should fully respect the children’s preferences and needs. On the choice of color, boys generally choose blue, girls choose pink, and can also determine the main color of the room according to the child’s own happy number. But try not to choose too bright color; there will be a sense of oppression. The design of children’s room should have a theme, such as children like cars; the room can be decorated with car as the theme, curtains, wallpaper or bedding elements of the car.2. Storage function to more children are now family treasures, clothes and shoes every season to buy new, all kinds of toys are often placed everywhere, if not pay attention to acceptance, the room will become a small “warehouse”, parents have to clean up every day. Therefore, when decorating, we must make rational use of space, do more receptive design, in addition to wardrobes and beds, do more storage cabinets and shelves, teach children to develop a good habit of cleaning their own toys from an early age.3. Setting up a study and play area children’s room is not only the children’s bedroom but also the children’s play and study place, so the practicability must be strong. A children’s room usually accompanies the whole childhood of the child, so the design of the room should be multi-functional. Designing a recreational playground, children can play as much as they like and bring their creativity into full play. A small desk is designed in the room, where a child can draw, write and read his homework. 4. As for safety, children are naturally lively and active, so it is inevitable to bump into them. When decorating the bedroom, it is best to use solid wood flooring, which is environmentally friendly and safe. In the choice of furniture, try to avoid the design with edges and corners, and choose rounded corners to avoid bumping. When decorating, we should choose special decoration materials for children, so as to provide them with a non-polluting environment. Children like to climb up and down; furniture selection is more solid and not easy to turn over the style.5. It is very important to get enough light in children’s room. Bright light makes the room warm and safe, which can eliminate the fear of children when they are alone. Light of lamps should be soft and even. Desk selection has a variety of modes of lamp, convenient for children to read and learn, set up a night lamp at night, will give children a certain sense of security.6. Designing children of different age groups with different growth will also change their preferences, so the room decoration should not be too fancy, unchanged, but should have growth. The mobility of the room can be increased by replacing the soft package. Choose bedding, dolls, etc. with cartoon patterns in childhood, and change the theme to children’s favorite in adolescence. Children grow up in a twinkling of an eye. Furniture should be designed in a style that can be used from small to large.

36 Creative and Lovely Children Bedrooms Spark Your Idea children bedroom, children room, children room for boys and girls

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